Sunday, February 4, 2007

Slacker, Slacking, Slackest.

Well, a whole week has gone by and I haven't posted a single new thing on this here blog. I am deeply ashamed and apologetic to anyone who stumbles by here expecting to see some sort of new and vaguely interesting content.

I shall endeavor to do better but the frequency of my postings my be a little more thin during the next few weeks due to the fact that I will be WORKING! That's right, Uncle Artemus has a three week shooting gig that should pay enough to keep Millie in doughnuts for the next month at least. But alas, making a living sort of trumps the blogging, that's what Big Mama says anyway, and she makes me go to bed at a reasonable hour so...
I expect to get in a couple of entries a week at least, though, so keep coming back!

In other news I won second place again in Mimi's comeback challenge#12. Missed first place by one little point! I'm well on my way to having meaning in my life!

Here's my comebacks from last weeks contest...

1. My best assets are my open mindedness and my belief that everyone is essentially good at heart. Luckily, I have no faults but I do sweat a lot when I dance.
I dance really slow in the driveway. I'm a very good dancer.

2. I dont really know what the problem is. I tried the nice guy approach - that hasn't worked. I tried the treat you like dirt approach - that hasn't worked. I tried doing the whole ignoring you thing - that hasn't worked. I watched the movie What Women Want and you apparently still don't get it.
Have you tried the, get a life, a job, and a personality approach?

3. Hanky Seeks Panky! does that mean you want me to blow my nose on you?

4. I'm in the dark. Are U afraid of the dark?
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

5. I am quite accomplished. I invented an equation to measure happiness that multiplies the acres of your land and the number of your trees.
Interesting. Could you invent an equation for me to measure the velocity of meaningless drivel by multiplying your IQ by the number of live brain cells still rattling around in your head?

6. hi my name is frank and i've been lost for seven years. i lost my love seven years ago and i am thinking that its been time to look for a new love.
Where oh where has Frank's mind gone? Oh where, oh where could it beeee?

7. Someone Who Is Going To Get Lucky. I'm a leo, a tiger, and was born on the cusp of the 186th and 187th day of the Mayan calendar, which is a death day #4 and a deer day.
That's too bad. I was looking for someone born on the cusp of 189th Death Star #2, an addled gopher day. I think we're just too different to ever be happy together.

8. At first, I wasn't too keen on trying to meet someone this way then I figured this might be a really good way at meeting someone.
And then I looked up the word confused and realized that confused was a good way to not know what the hell I was talking about.

9. Looking for a female who shows interest. If any of this interests you drop me a massage!!!
Dropping a massage on you would certainly be interesting.

10. I would hope the person I could hopefully be with, would be open and honest about herself as I would hopefully be about myself.
I hope your hopes become as hopeful as I could ever hope your hopes to be. Hopefully.

BONUS BooBoo: My ideal dream date and I would watch spinner dolphins earn their name as your panga slam-bams over glittering seas. (I'm so there.)
Wow. Your words make my eyeballs spin in opposite directions.

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Kati said...

Ya know, I never found the idea of looking for love in the want-ads all that thrilling of an idea. And even less so now. Thanks for the chuckle!!!