Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Further Proof that the Grammys Have Nothing to Do With Actual Music

Well I watched the Grammys the other night for the first time in oh...about fifteen years at least. I don't know why I did it; temporary loss of good taste I suppose. I know at least in part I watched because I wanted to see the Police perform, but I tuned in too late and missed them. Pity, because for some unfathomable reason I continued to watch anyway and judging from what I saw The Police had to be far and away the high point of the evening. Seems I remember the Grammys actually being about music at one time.

I have no idea who this chick is, but about an hour into the show she showed up dressed like a stripper, shaking her ass and doing some interesting things with her belly. I think she sang something too but I didn't really notice.

Anyway... can someone explain Justin Timberlake
to me? I looked it up and I believe his name translates from Southern Californian to, "I'm a big wussy douche-bag." At the risk of revealing my advanced age and state of chronic uncoolness I have to say that he looks like a badly dressed concentration camp survivor and sings like he was classically trained at the R&B Academy of Soulless Suburban Panzie Boyz. I can only surmise that his allure is his acceptability and relative inoffensiveness (see lipstick smeared posters adorning pre-adolescent girl's bedroom walls) to WASP Volvo driving soccer moms who are otherwise intimidated by the rhythmic thrusts of genuine fully grown African American R&B/Hip Hop gangsta types. Personally I'd rather poke pointy sticks in my ears than listen to JT's over inflected wanna be R&B ruinations.

I was surprised (and gratified) to see the Dixie Chicks win so many awards. I'm personally not a huge fan of their music, or any country music for that matter, but I had been under the impression that all true God fearing Americans righteously hated the Chick's guts for their audacious employment of the First Amendment of the Constitution a couple of years ago. It was good to see all that put aside and their true talents appreciated. NOT!

It was obvious after the second Grammy was awarded to the Chicks that the sensitive but retaliatory liberal Grammykins believed they had a political point to belabor and dumping great piles of Gramaphone statuettes on the "talk before you think" Chickies was the way to do it. The undertone of political correctness woven through the entire proceedings was almost palpable. I was happy to see that Barack Obama wisely eschewed the whole affair but I guess Al Gore (having nothing to lose) just couldn't resist popping in.

It all really made me wonder just who the Dixie Chick's fan base are now. They managed to royally piss off their former core fan base of country pop boneheads but it doesn't seem very likely that th
ey're going to get a lot of crossovers from the heavy metal or hip hop crowd. Who's actually listening to them these days? They're kind of like a black Nascar driver; maybe really good at their job, but no self respecting red-neck will admit to any admiration for them.

Unsurprisingly, the Grammy Academy is just slightly more liberal and progressive in their thinking than the CMA academy, who completely froze out the DCs in a fit of (self) righteous indignation and good 'ol American Klan values. I didn't watch the CMAs, never have and most likely never will, but who can resist standing in awe of Toby Keith as country music's voice of all "right " thinking Americans. Who needs a sense of fairness and awareness of hypocrisy when you have a red neck bully to sing your anthem for you. I admire the Chicks for standing up to him in the past and for making the album they wanted to make; flipping the bird to the fascist public who would dictate to us all the "correct" manner in which to love America and exercise the freedoms we are all equally given.

Also, the Red Hot Chili Peppers totally rocked.

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Kati said...

LOL I hate the Grammys (and all awards shows, for that matter), but I do know that the woman shaking her thing is Shakira. Honestly, I love most of her music, and DAMN do I wish I could do THAT with MY belly!!!!! Unfortunately my belly is more "bowl full of Jelly", kinda like Santa's in "The Night Before Christmas".

Gotta say, I'm a country fan (most of the time) but have NEVER liked the Dixie Chicks. The lead singer (is it Natalie Mains??? Or is Natalie one of the sisters who do the instruments & background?) has always pissed me off.... I mean, the first 2 or 3 songs were her singing to a guy about how much of a loser his girlfriend/wife was and how much better off he'd be if he'd dump the wifey and go out with Natalie. I don't need to listen to music by some chick singing about how much I suck & she wishes my man belonged to her. That, and she always reminded me of a girl I grew up with, the kind of girl that starts out a tart and winds up a tramp. And attitude wise, as well.... So, nothing to do with Toby Keith (whom I've mostly liked, at least until this last album or so where HIS attitude is getting way too overblown), but just couldn't stand the Dixie Chicks.

It's funny reading other people's "take" on different musicians.